alekseyanikin2014-02-05 19:18:41
alekseyanikin, 2014-02-05 19:18:41

AngularJS: how to cache rendered views?

How to change the behavior of AngularJS, so that when switching between different views, they are not redrawn each time?

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EugeneOZ, 2014-02-17

my request: https://github.com/angular/angular.js/issues/3825
experience: use ng-include

Ruslan Lopatin, 2014-02-05

What does "not redrawn" mean? If you just don't want to load the data from the server when the page opens, then just store the data in a service instead of loading it every time you build the controller.

Mykola Dzedzinskyi, 2014-02-05

You have to write your own ng-view directive to create such functionality.
The basic idea behind this is this:
Before changing routes, instead of destroying the current view, just store it in an invisible DIV cache, and unregister the scope listeners. Give the div element a data attribute with $$route.templateUrlto be able to get it back. Then load a new page and reload listeners.
Before changing the route, check the cache, and if your DIV page has a cache, get the element from the cache, re-register the scope and insert it into the current View cache.

rotorgames, 2014-08-20

Try this directive https://github.com/rotorgames/angular-rg-cache-view
It doesn't delete dom but caches it keeping scope and all events.

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