akamoroz2013-09-17 13:24:26
akamoroz, 2013-09-17 13:24:26

[AngularJS] communication between service and controller data

During the development process, there were problems with the connectivity of links between the service and the controller.
Let me explain with an example:

// Есть сервис, в нем хранится id и другие данные.
app.service('testService', function ($http, serverURL, $timeout) {
    var self = this;
    self.data = {
        id: null,
        token: null,
    self.initMe = function () {
        return $http({
            method: 'GET',
            url: serverURL + '/initMe/' + '?token=' + self.data.token
    return self;
meModule.controller('MeCtrl', function (...) {
    $scope.me = testService.data; // устанавливаем связь между scope и service

    $rootScope.$on('initMe', function (e, data) {

        testService.initMe().success(function (data, status, headers, config) {
            // data.result - object
            // $scope.me = data.result;         // не работает
            // или
            // meService.data = data.result;    // не работает

            meService.data = data.result;       //  
            $scope.me = meService.data;         // Всё ок - приходится восстанавливать связь между scope и service :(

1. Why do we lose the connection between scope and service on the lines $scope.me = data.result or meService.data = data.result;?
2. Are there other, more beautiful ways to update data in services from an external API (GET requests)?

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Ruslan Lopatin, 2013-09-17

Because testService.dataand $scope.meare different references. If you want both of these references to point to the same object, then update both of them.
But why do you need two links? Just put in $scopea link to your service and update the data only in it.

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