Alex2016-05-04 21:13:45
Alex, 2016-05-04 21:13:45

Angular2: JavaScript or TypeScript?

I want to master Angular2... Should I switch
to TypeScript or can I write in good old JS?
How would be more correct?

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sanex3339, 2016-05-04

TypeScript, there's nothing to even think about.

Dark Hole, 2016-05-04

The question was asked incorrectly.
Everyone writes in whatever suits them and you don't have to listen to those who say "JavaScript only" and "TypeScript only"
My opinion - write in JS if you know it well. JS is JS and TS is JS with, say, C++ (of course IMHO). What's the point of adding incomprehensible (especially if you haven't learned more OOP languages) supplements when you can write without them?
However, if you want to learn TS, I won't dissuade you :)

Serge Shkurko, 2016-10-26

Of course, as convenient for you, but my advice is Type Script.
- Strong typing (Less chance of error as a result)
- When using a good editor / IDE - useful hints
- Angular advises to use TS, that's why many examples, tutorial videos are also provided on TS

No Name, 2017-01-23

It was very uncomfortable to switch from Angular 1 + JS to Angular 2 + Typescript.
But over time, I got used to and appreciated all the advantages of web components and a full-fledged OO language.
Instead of a thousand checks, you can write an interface and any data mismatch will be prompted by the IDE or compiler.
So typescript.

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