Slavka2017-04-02 01:39:24
Slavka, 2017-04-02 01:39:24

Angular + Web Api or Asp.net MVC?

Good day, I recently switched from desktop development to the web, and so far a lot of things are not clear, but specifically I'm interested in the question of what is the advantage of using AngularJs (and others) + Asp.net web api over Asp.net MVC? as far as I managed to find out in asp.net mvc there are partial views that can be received via ajax and apparently build a SPA? then I don't see the benefit of using Angular, other than sometimes more html will need to be forwarded

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Roman, 2017-04-02

For a corporate application, I am for SPA+WebAPI.

Calabonga, 2018-07-06

This is how you can

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