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pandas, 2014-11-08 16:24:40

Angular.JS: What is the correct way to change an object property from a list of objects?

Friends, who can come across.
There is a list of objects. The "home" page is the list itself.
There is a page for adding a new object - a standard html form, where scope is a form. There is also an object editing page, where scope is also a form.
There is a property of the object - visibility. In the add and edit forms, I implemented the work with this property through the radio input block, where the value (true or false) comes to the angular scope through binding.
But on the "main" page with a list of objects, I cannot correctly implement work with this object property through angular, because there, the view is built with the ng-repeat="object in objects" directive, so I can't directly bind to this property of a particular object via $scope.item.visibility.
Therefore, I had to implement this idea through jquery, where the property changes according to the DOM element. But this is completely unacceptable, although it works perfectly. It is unacceptable - obviously because Angular does not work with the house, but with objects, and interfering with the code in this way is a terrible India and shit code.
Questions, comments, wishes, suggestions?

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