Nikolai2018-12-16 20:34:51
Nikolai, 2018-12-16 20:34:51

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch compatible with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5?

I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch. I heard that with some smartphones this watch does not work well. Is there any information about this?

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pomeo, 2016-02-09

Fork https://github.com/Severenit/ngFit , change node-sass version in package.json, now 3.4.1 is latest. In your project, in package.json, you specify not "ngFit" : "xxx", but "ngFit" : "github.com/youlogin/ngFit", I don't remember exactly, but the link to your repository is for sure. If there is not much that has changed in node-sass, then it can work. Or maybe not.
Then you put the node 0.12. I do not think that you use something from the fourth branch.

Konstantin Kitmanov, 2016-02-09

Under Windows, there are always problems with node-sass (and native modules in general). node-sass is built on top of libsass which is written in C++ and needs to be compiled accordingly.
You have Python 3.5 and node-gyp requires 2.7. What is written in white on black in the first screenshot.

Nikolai, 2019-06-24
Demidovets @Nik_o_lay

compatible, everything is ok
falls off if you move far away from the phone, and automatically connects if you come back
for half a year already I use

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