Stepan2015-02-05 18:12:46
Stepan, 2015-02-05 18:12:46

(Angular) How to pull out the class and text of the element on which there is a click and paste it into what this click causes?

<div class="new-input" ng-controller="addInput">
        <div ng-repeat="item in items">

            <div class="form-group field-posts-author required has-success">
                <label class="control-label" for="posts-author">Автор</label>
                <input  placeholder="{{item.placehold}}" type="text" id="posts-author" class="form-control" name="Posts[author]" value="Виктор">

                <div class="help-block"></div>
        <span ng-click="add()" class="subtitle"     >Подзаголовки</span>

You need to insert Subtitles in the label, and add subtitle to the div and in other places

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Sergey, 2015-02-05
Protko @Fesor

ngRepeat.... you don't need to touch the DOM at all to solve your problem.

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