Oleg Torbasov2012-04-01 14:53:07
Oleg Torbasov, 2012-04-01 14:53:07

Alarm clock for Android smartphone with auto-off?

Recommend an alarm clock for LG-P500 running Android 2.3.4. You need a program that is ordinary in all respects - with setting your own melody, setting up several signals, repeating at a certain time on the days of the week, which does not require Internet access - but with one feature: for this alarm clock to turn itself off by playing the melody once.
If it’s not clear to anyone why I want something so “unnatural”, I tell you: I have a very light sleep, I jump from the first notes, but after that I want to be able to calmly go to the bathroom or the kitchen, and not frantically fumble around for glasses and pointfully poke into an idle device that continues to make noise. Well, I would also like to be able to receive brief sound “reminders” in circumstances where pulling out a smartphone and stopping the signal can be a little annoying (at work, for example).
To my greatest surprise, searches in the Android market did not give anything. After many trials, I gave up.

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Batonchik, 2012-04-01

Alternatively, just set reminders on your calendar.

optemist, 2012-04-01

Actually, a recent article on Habré Sleep as android , turn off “sleep” in the settings.

RuJet, 2012-04-01

alarm droid

wartur, 2012-04-01

any different modes. he will awaken both sensitive and violent. I once managed to save myself by throwing it out the door =), well, I'm lazy =).

Domi, 2012-04-02

There is an option with a standard alarm clock.
We set the maximum duration of the signal to 5 minutes, take a melody, sew silence on it if it lasts less than five minutes. After five minutes, the alarm will turn itself off.

Eternalko, 2012-04-02

Sometimes I just set a countdown timer in such cases :)

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