AJ2015-04-22 15:39:41
AJ, 2015-04-22 15:39:41

AJAX search. How to control input[type='text']?

Good afternoon. The essence of the problem is this. There is a service on which AJAX search is implemented. There were typical problems with processing text input and determining the moment from which it is worth starting the request process itself.
Those. if you use the keypress event, you can catch char and cut off all alt, shift, etc. left clicks. However, it does not fire on backspace or delete. Again, a constant update with each character input. In general, with a kandachka, all this is not beautifully implemented.
Bicycles to fence, too, somehow does not pull. After all, most likely, there is a library for such purposes. That's what I'm looking for. Well, or a recipe as someone coped with a similar task.
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Sergey delphinpro, 2015-04-22

I use this Query plugin all the time
Quite functional, and customizable if the arms are straight.

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