Nikita2019-07-11 14:15:10
Nikita, 2019-07-11 14:15:10

Ajax ( json ) throws error about unknown character, how to get only response from php without tags?

Here is the ajax itself:

var filters_form = jQuery('#filters_form');
    var filter_search_form = jQuery('#filter__search-form');
    var form_handler_url = filters_form.attr('action');
    var form_method = filters_form.attr('method');
    var form_data = jQuery('input', filters_form).serialize();
    var data_type = 'json';

    jQuery('input', filters_form).on('change', function(){

            type: form_method,
            url: form_handler_url,
            data: form_data,
            dataType: data_type,
            success: function ( response ){
                var responseData = JSON.parse(response);
            error: function ( xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError ) {
                console.log('Sorry, you have an error in you require!');

Here is the handler ( function.php ): I get an error - SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 This is an error about opening php tag. How to get only the response, without the content of the file itself. this is what I get when accessing the file (console - console.warn(xhr.responseText); ):

return json_encode('Hello');

<?php return json_encode('Hello');?>

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Andrey, 2019-07-11

You were given the source code of the php script, and not the result of the execution. Set up the host correctly

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