Turbo2013-08-11 14:10:32
Turbo, 2013-08-11 14:10:32

ajax.aspnetcdn.com not working

On all Microsoft sites and the official Skype (for example www.skype.com/en/ ), all jQuery scripts are loaded from addresses like:

ajax.aspnetcdn.com" is not responding. As a result, all pages are loaded in a few minutes. First of all, I would like to understand that I'm the only one so lucky? How can this be defeated in FireFox? Is it possible to block some JS script, or indicate that it is not necessary to load it? Or how to take it from another source?

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capau, 2013-08-31

I have a similar problem
, MS sites do not open in all browsers due to the script
, regardless of whether the browser has an adblock or not
, even native IE does not open

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