butter7772021-09-19 13:54:52
butter777, 2021-09-19 13:54:52

Airpods 2 one earpiece is quieter than the other, what should I do?

The headphones were a little over two weeks old, everything worked perfectly, the earpiece fell out while jogging and hit the asphalt, after a while L the earpiece became quieter than the right one, the right one did not fall. I went to iphone in <universal access> and tried to balance the sound, but I had to shift the sound balance almost to the end of the slider to the left so that the sound was plus or minus the same in my ears. After that, the maximum volume is an order of magnitude quieter now, and I also gave my brother the headphones to check, and if you listen to the music that plays in the headphones from the side, before that there was no such thing, no idea what to do, rinse them completely, or take them to the master and the problem is due to hitting the asphalt

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Alexander Prokhorovich, 2021-09-19

Probably mechanical damage. Headphones are not repairable, so most likely one will have to be replaced. It can be taken for repair, but most likely they will give just such an answer.

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