Lici2013-03-16 00:45:37
Lici, 2013-03-16 00:45:37

AH-IPS matrices: what are the advantages? HP Pavilion 23xi?

Now I took the Dell U2312HM and I’ll take it back to the store (some kind of small grid at 45 degrees with a step of ~ 1px is barely noticeable on a white background, it’s annoying.
Half of the activity is layout. You need an adequate representation of white and layout colors + smooth gradients if possible, etc. And without squeaking, noise, flickering (this dell does not flicker), etc.
Advise a normal monitor.
I'm looking at HP Pavilion 23xi because it's newer and seems to have an AH-IPS matrix, which should be better. I'm
also looking at NEC MultiSync EA232WMi ...

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Zverenish, 2013-03-16

Of all the IPS technologies, AH-IPS is the latest - it appeared only in 2011 (IPS technology entered the market in 1996).
Of the advantages with other IPS options, AH-IPS has an increased color gamut, lower power consumption and increased brightness.
In principle, the differences can be read here .
But you need to understand that this is only a theory. When it comes to practice, the reality changes a little - here already “more losing” technologies can not only compete successfully, but even surpass technically more modern counterparts. It all depends on how much the manufacturer did not stint on components in the manufacture of this model.
Therefore, in addition to a theoretical comparison, a personal visual comparison will still be correct, because it is your eyes that will tell which of the technologies is most pleasing to the eye and nervous calm.

dotsquid, 2013-03-16

You just seem to be out of luck with a specific instance of the Dell U2312HM. I myself have had such a monitor for more than a year - I'm not overjoyed. There are several acquaintances with the same monitors, among them there are photographers (that is, claims for image quality above average) - everyone pee with boiling water.

Andrew, 2013-03-16

I am the owner of HP Pavilion 23xi. It is great for working with text, it does not smear in dynamic scenes, the matrix is ​​nimble. There is no grid. But now the black violet is already at an angle of 40 degrees from left to right. Terribly annoying. Well, plus crystallization is easy, as if a protective film is pasted on the screen, but I'm already used to it and don't notice it.

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