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blazer, 2012-07-05 12:05:56

Agreement on those site support?

I am a freelancer, I am finishing a site for a tour operator, they ask to conclude an agreement with them on subsequent technical support in order to document our relationship and responsibility for the normal operation of the site. I have never entered into such contracts and even have little idea what a reasonable amount per month can be designated for this ($ 100-200?), please share your experience on how it is better to draw up such relationships (do I need to open an individual entrepreneur or can this be done in the form of a kind of contract ), and if someone can send an example of such a contract, I will be very grateful.

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Evgeny Bezymyannikov, 2012-07-17

Normal practice is to designate the cost of 1 hour of work and the coordination of the accounting system, responsible persons for setting tasks.
All sorts of “10-50% of the cost of the site” do not make sense, since the customer puts the concept of “all my Wishlist and improvements” into “support”, and there may be 10 full-time developers for years to come.
Or count the hours or figure out how else to limit the work and / or time at the same price.

ZloiZmei, 2012-07-05

Here, for example , our contract with individual
entrepreneur prices should be formalized if you want to work officially (and even more so if customers want it)

Alexey Shtern, 2012-07-05

Before concluding an agreement, it is necessary to clearly discuss the concept of “site technical support”. In most cases, if the agreement is drawn up incorrectly, “technical support” means content management (filling the site with information, working with archives, media materials, etc.) and functional / design improvements that are born in the process of website evolution and IT literacy customer.
The contract itself can be drawn up both with a private person (with the deduction of relevant taxes and other obligatory payments), and with a legal entity belonging to you. If cooperation involves long-term interaction, there are other / potential customers, it would be ideal to open a company that works on a simplified basis (income minus expenses scheme).
As for the cost of technical support, it is usually determined by a predetermined amount of work. In the case of pure technical support, i.e. exclusively "troubleshooting", normal practice is the price of 10-15% per month of the amount of site creation. When paying/signing a contract for a longer period, you can offer discounts. Additional tasks for finalizing, changing the site must be issued in the form of separate orders.

trueneutral, 2012-07-06

For any design option, I recommend prescribing an agreement with an hourly payment. When I was an individual entrepreneur, it was something like “all work and their cost are pre-negotiated in the add. agreement."
And that's all - they can at least ask for content, no question - you roll out 30 hours of work, and at an hourly price of 20-25 bucks, the customer sharply understands that it is easier to enter the data yourself.

hantereska, 2012-07-17

I advise you to draw up a contract, according to such an agreement, an LLC can work quite calmly with a private person and send money to your card. And in the contract, indicate the fixed cost of work per month and the price per hour in excess of the agreed one.

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