Alexander2017-01-09 13:14:39
Alexander, 2017-01-09 13:14:39

Agile: technical requirements and User Story: how to frame a refactoring task?

Using TFS 2015 in the team, we want to move from the Scrum process to Agile, and the question arose of what to do with internal development tasks, such as code refactoring, changing deployment technology, etc. User stories are about creating requirements for functionality addressed to the end user of the product, and stories like "As a developer, I need to refactor the code to make it easier to develop new features" are considered bad stories.
It is necessary to plan or take into account the work already performed in the system, but it is not clear how to arrange it correctly, how to be and what to do?

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Andrey Pletenev, 2017-01-22

I don't know what you mean by moving from Scrum to Agile, since Scrum is a management framework within the Agile approach.
To the point: Everything that saves developers time in the long run (refactoring, optimization, code documentation, infrastructure setup, etc.) is technical stories. They also need to be included in the backlog and sprints.
Here are some ways to do this:
a) Make them regular stories by finding benefits for the customer
b) "Sell" their expected result to the product owner as a focus factor increase
c) Complement them to sprints that are ahead of schedule
d) Agree that the maximum number of unclosed tech stories should be fixed and the top ones in priority always go into the sprint along with the regular stories.

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