nogaruka2017-04-21 11:36:49
nogaruka, 2017-04-21 11:36:49

Agency on Upwork. How can several freelancers work on the same order?

Hello collective intelligence.
I work in tandem with a friend on Upwork, recently teamed up in an "agency". There are several questions that we can't find answers to
1. Is it possible to work on one fixed price project together at the same time (two freelancers, both members of the same agency) ? If so, how is it technically done?
2. A similar question about projects with hourly pay.
3. Are there questions regarding taxes and related verifications? Can an agency be considered more "responsible" in this sense than a personal account?
4. As far as I understand, it is impossible to distribute money between members of the agency using Upwork means, that is, the money is withdrawn exclusively to the owner's account. Is it so?

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Puma Thailand, 2017-04-22

Work who is stopping you .
You can
. What kind of verification can we talk about in the tax you invented it.
No, everything can be distributed on upwork

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