Vladislav2021-02-18 22:07:06
Vladislav, 2021-02-18 22:07:06

Agency bid on Upwork?

Hey! We recently created an agency on account X and invited freelancer Y to the team.
The scheme is as follows: We wanted to bid from the agency and separately from account Y. But we encountered such a problem. When I enter the agency and make a bid, I am offered to choose a team and a freelancer (as I understand it, this is the one who will do the work in case of a choice) in the selection list only account Y. The
question is what will the client see? Having made a Bid From the agency with the selected freelancer Y ? (Agency profile or account Y profile)

Another issue is that when bidding from account X, I don’t have a choice on which person to bid (from myself or from the agency, I used to switch everything in the settings)

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Puma Thailand, 2021-02-19

you in an upwork caliper

Nikita, 2021-03-04

The client will see the hrelancer with a note that he is from the agency.

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