Scratch2015-04-23 11:13:19
network hardware
Scratch, 2015-04-23 11:13:19

Again about a wifi router in a small office, is it possible to put everyone on AC?

So, there are 2 nearby apartments, in which about 20-30 people hang out with jobs and mobile phones. All jobs are connected via wifi to the 66th asus, who is directly who through a repeater or another router with a bridge. In general, the 66th does not pull this whole crowd.
Outside comes a twisted pair with the Internet without authorization and other VPN
Task: So that everyone can see each other and go to the Internet. It turns out about 40-60 wifi clients
At first I thought it was Cisco Aironet 2700i, but it doesn’t know how to issue IP and in general it still needs its own controller, which costs an order of magnitude more. If I'm wrong, I'll be happy to consider this option.
In general, the campaign will have to take something like RB2011UiAS, and put the same 66th in one of the apartments with a bridge to it, so that fewer people cling to it. But this infection of current N, and already everywhere with might and main AC, I want something AC shny.
Please advise?

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Scratch, 2015-04-28

Thank you, we have already taken their EdgeRouter PoE, we will connect it to our point, we'll see what happens.

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