veryoriginalnickname2022-03-08 20:45:37
veryoriginalnickname, 2022-03-08 20:45:37

After waking up from sleep mode, there is no picture. Why?

Two cases:
1. If you enter sleep mode, and while the monitor has not gone into sleep, exit it, then the image will be.
2. If you enter sleep mode and wait until the monitor also enters sleep mode, then when you exit sleep mode, there will be no image (there is no signal on the monitor, and then the monitor goes to sleep). But if you disable-enable the monitor, the image will appear.
How to make sleep mode work properly?

Monitor: Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming (displayport)
Video card: RX 570
Linux: 5.16.12-arch1-1

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Pavel, 2022-03-08

I had such crap, it was some kind of glitch in my case in chrome, he didn’t dare, I switched to firefox, but the Linux GUI is very buggy, I had to leave - for now.

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