kastigar2012-12-18 17:17:24
kastigar, 2012-12-18 17:17:24

After wake up, the machine is not available by hostname?

There is a grid.
The router is running dnsmasq.
There is a desktop Ubuntu 12.04 car on this network with hostname kastigar-worktop. This machine can be reached by hostname http://kastigar-worktop:8080/.
There is one more wheelbarrow with server ubnty 12.10. There is one problem with her. After wakeup, it is impossible to reach it by hostname. nslookup doesn't see it. By IP, the wheelbarrow is available.
There is a suspicion that while the car is sleeping, the router releases its binding. And waking up, ubunta does not update the network settings via dhcp, but continues to use those that it received for the first time.
How can this be fixed more or less correctly?
Thanks for answers.
PS Sorry for the confusing terminology.

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Nikolai Vasilchuk, 2012-12-18

I also had a similar problem appeared (and disappeared by itself). After waking up, the machine was available by name.local (or name.lan, I don’t remember already)

Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2012-12-18

both ebents updated? what does the traffic sniffing on the switch show when starting from the WoL host?

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