Vasily Korin2018-04-21 10:05:57
Vasily Korin, 2018-04-21 10:05:57

After updating Windows to Prerelease version 17093, I can't roll back. /?

Good afternoon. After buying the laptop, foolishly decided to upgrade to 17093 using Insider. The assembly turned out to be extremely unstable, I decided to roll back to the original assembly, but when I tried to roll back, I wrote something like "it is impossible to return to the previous version." As far as I understand, I accidentally rubbed some system directory in which the files for rolling back to the factory windows were located.
Now, unfortunately, I no longer remember everything that I tried to do, but in the end, after 5-6 resets to the factory settings, the "Roll back to an earlier assembly" button disappeared in the settings, only "Return the computer to its original state", which seems to return to the original settings, but the assembly remains the same - 17093.
Tell me, please, how can I return to the original, factory assembly (1709, as far as I remember), since this one constantly crashes with a "blue screen" and I no longer have the strength to work like that.

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Kulver_stukas, 2018-04-21

1) Return to a clean system using the laptop (although you did not indicate which model you have, it is highly likely that it has a recovery partition with a clean system and drivers and a recovery procedure).
2) Or download and install the current non-Prerelease build from the MS website.
3) For the future, put the "slow" option in the Insider Preview

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