2021-04-20 08:16:39
, 2021-04-20 08:16:39

After updating Windows 10, the monitor stopped producing a picture?

Hello everyone, Windows is gone in the update - updated correctly. When rebooting - the monitor went into failure.
Video - https://ru.files.fm/f/nqga8y8pu

If you connect the monitor to the old system unit and vice versa - everything works correctly. I sin on the video driver - then why does not the Bios start window show.

Who can give an approximate algorithm, where to dig in this problem?

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Alex Devera, 2021-04-20

I advise you to juggle with video cards (if any). Also try to hook the monitor into the integrated vidyuhi, after removing the discrete one. (in xeon of your model, in my opinion, there is no integrated one, but I could be wrong). In general, I would advise looking towards hardware, not software. By the way, it happens that on xeon "ahs, the bios itself permanently hooks onto discrete graphics, but this only happens on Chinese motherboards, such as huans, etc. In general, the speaker is our everything. Maybe your ram memory is not initialized. you do not know, since there are no sounds from the system unit.

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