Vyacheslav Vasiliev2016-01-06 02:54:49
Vyacheslav Vasiliev, 2016-01-06 02:54:49

After updating the system, Deluge does not want to obey me at all?

Essence of the question:
After the update, there were some failures in the Deluge program. When adding *.torrent, I usually change the names of the files and specify the save path. The problem is that the changes are applied, but if I exit Deluge (unload the system) or restart the PC, then when I open Deluge, all file names become the same as in the original, i.e. how people distribute them.
Screenshots below for visual inspection.
Please help me what is the problem! I thought that ~/.config/deluge - you need to assign root rights in order for the program config to listen from under the root, but I was very wrong.
I decided to make the rights of my home directory - root, and after a reboot, I simply could not log in under my login.
Here - Does not let Linux into the system?They helped me, it lasted a very long time, but the most important thing was decided!
so I'm looking for help!

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Vyacheslav Vasiliev, 2016-03-20

Replaced KTorrent - I really like it and most importantly it comes closer to KDE!

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