1nt3rp0l2021-11-11 14:50:59
Graphic shells
1nt3rp0l, 2021-11-11 14:50:59

After updating the packages, the fluxbox fonts got lost. How to fix?

Updated yesterday. Today I wake up and see this:
I tried to set *.font in .fluxbox/overlay, but as you can see in the photo, the size changes to normal only on hover. But in the names of the windows, everything has changed normally.
This is how the watch looks like (does not even fit). I tried to set font (.clock) for them, but nothing helped:
I don't think that the problem is in DPI, because the text in the terminals has not changed. Only the font size of fluxbox itself.

Looks like it's still a DPI problem: DPI
log from /var/log/Xorg.0.log:
[ 141.829] (--) intel(0): DPI set to (143, 144)
[ 141.830] ( ==) NOUVEAU(G0): DPI set to (96, 96)

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1nt3rp0l, 2021-11-11

Yes, the problem turned out to be DPI.
I set DPI in Xresources and everything was fine.

SOTVM, 2021-11-11

Have you gotten off Windows yet?

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