OlexAd2021-03-10 22:14:19
OlexAd, 2021-03-10 22:14:19

After updating BitrixVM and php 7.4, an endless redirect appeared, how to fix it?

A message appeared in the admin panel that it was necessary to update php to 7.3 or higher, it turned out that you first need to update BitrixVM and then php, otherwise you cannot update php 7.2 above.

After updating BitrixVM to 7.4.12 and php to 7.4.16. started an endless redirect on all pages.

How can you get your job back?

upd: when trying to roll back the php version, the server flew out of the pool, the console says: There are servers that cannot be used! Error: 01.unk

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OlexAd, 2021-03-11

In general, they restored from a backup twice, the first time they updated BitrixVM and PHP, the backup did not go in, there was also an endless redirect and they could not get around it, disabling https did not help, regenerating ssl broke Bitrix.
Uploaded a backup without updating BitrixVM, everything worked

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