Krivoruky Pyrych2018-10-19 18:57:37
Krivoruky Pyrych, 2018-10-19 18:57:37

After unsuccessfully writing win7 to a flash drive by Rufus, the flash drive is not recognized as a flash drive, what should I do?

Flash drive 8-gig, the OS on which all this happens - Windows 7 Home Premium. Rufus reported a problem that the flash drive is being used by the explorer (and this is true) and immediately stopped recognizing the flash drive correctly (but the BIOS copes and sees it as a flash drive), and the mention of "Mass Storage Device" is only in "Devices and Printers"

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Krivoruky Pyrych, 2018-10-19

The issue was resolved by formatting the flash drive itself in Piggy

xmoonlight, 2018-10-19

Delete all partitions through the disk manager and try again.

Slytooth, 2019-03-09

For those who have a similar problem, formatting with a third-party program is best. Or delete a partition in the system and create a new one

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