Pavel Haikevich2020-07-01 23:54:43
Solid State Drives
Pavel Haikevich, 2020-07-01 23:54:43

After turning on the SSD, the drive was not detected, what should I do?

After a lag in Windows 10, I decided to completely turn off the power to the computer, after turning on the SSD, the drive was not detected, as if it was not there, what should I do? After restarting the computer, nothing has changed, there was a regular short bar on the screen and nothing else, it was not possible to enter the BIOS, because it simply did not open, I took out the battery from the board and put it back in, tried to reconnect the SSD with windows 10, it's useless . What to do?

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Dmitry Roo, 2020-07-02

Buy a new ssd.
There is a possibility that the old ssd is broken.

pindschik, 2020-07-02

The order of events description is broken. It was like this: at first the SSD died, then the system hung, after turning it off - there is no disk.
SSD sometimes freezes, but if the power outage did not help, then that's it. Can be carried under warranty / thrown away / left as a keepsake.

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