eugene1592020-08-09 21:47:41
eugene159, 2020-08-09 21:47:41

After transferring the site from combat hosting to local hosting, minifyx broke down. How to fix?

I transferred the site to LAN from a combat hosting. And now I have something that was connected in css, it is not connected (fonts, pictures ...). More precisely, it connects, but incorrectly. The site name is skipped. Here, for example:
There is no site name before assets. Why is that? In the context settings, I changed the host and site_url. In the system settings, I changed the site_name. What did I forget?

If you connect scripts not through minifyx, but in a standard way, then everything works.

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Ruslan, 2020-08-17

Did you indicate <base href="http://askmeplz.com/">in ?<head>

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