kentos2018-08-14 17:18:06
kentos, 2018-08-14 17:18:06

After the transfer, it began to wildly load resources, what's the problem?

Hello, after transferring the site to the same tariff plan, the same hosting, the site began to load very heavily, only to edit the page, and it knocks out a 502 error, this was not the case in the old place, and at the same time on this hosting, 3 more sites link to the website

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Orkhan Hasanli, 2018-08-14

I will not name a specific reason, because the reason may be different.
From the front end, I see the following:
1) you have https installed, but there are errors
Did you change the urls after the site transfer? Especially on https? If not, then install the better search replace plugin and make a replacement.
2) Are there enough resources for the correct operation of the site?
for example php memory_limit

Reversaidx, 2018-08-14

I think everything is in the hosting settings, write to the support, let them turn the settings.

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