foxlye2020-05-28 12:41:29
Google Chrome
foxlye, 2020-05-28 12:41:29

After the reboot, it logs out of all accounts, how to fix it?

After rebooting the PC, it logs out of all accounts in chrome (it occurred after updating to the 2004 version of win10)
I thought the problem was that the system was updated crookedly, I installed the 2004 version from 0 from the USB flash drive, everything is the same.

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Alexander, 2020-05-28

Does it come out in FireFox too? Account logins are stored in the files of the AppData home directory, if the restoration of the previous state (embedded lockdown manager) is enabled, then new files that store logins to accounts can be deleted. It may also be due to a faulty clock - chrome, seeing a large interval since the last login, simply invalidates it, and then the time is synchronized with the Internet and it is correct again.

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