WebforSelf2021-08-11 14:00:55
WebforSelf, 2021-08-11 14:00:55

After the internet is down, how do you know when the tar command will finish running?

The Internet blinked and access was reconnected via SHH, at that time the archiving process was in progress. How to know when the tar command will finish running?

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Saboteur, 2021-08-11

Connect, make
ps aux | grep tar
and see if your process is there. Most likely, when the connection was broken, it was interrupted.
To run a long-running command that will not be terminated by a sudden termination of the session, you must use either nohup or screen managers (screen, tmux)

ky0, 2021-08-11

If you started the process in a regular console (not screenetc.) - it will end as soon as your previous SSH session falls off. Well, or, if you're lucky - when the files for processing run out :) Indirectly - through top, looking at the processor usage, for example.

Zzzz9, 2021-08-11


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