2011-02-21 18:32:57
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, 2011-02-21 18:32:57

After the article about DIY laser (nuyu pointer): alternative sources of diodes and a violet laser?

I remembered this article + I found an advertisement for violet lasers on one of the forums, according to the description with a power of ~ 500 MW,
That advertisement insists on using * diodes “as if from Japan” (specifically about purple - it is unknown , but I think that the author carries diodes of all colors with of the same factory :) ), the question is what can actually wait for a buyer in a purple laser pointer for 8t.r. Where can I get a similar diode?

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Devix, 2011-02-28

I'm assuming they're talking about lasers like the Spyder III Arctic 1000mW from Wicked Lasers for 299 bucks?
So, the low cost of such lasers is explained by the use in them of LDs from laser projectors, which are already widely used. These projectors start at $1,000 and are mass-produced, so parts are also available. It is precisely thanks to these projectors that laser manufacturers can produce "single-watt machines" for 200-300 dollars worth.
If you have 8k rubles, then watch Wicked Lasers after all.
And yes: purple or still blue? :)
selenite, "on a beam of diodes" will not work. The radiation is coherent and cannot be combined. Big problem, by the way.

Alexlexandr, 2011-02-27

Loss of vision of the author and those around him can wait.
With a very high probability.
Think about it for starters.

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