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Enkil, 2015-02-14 11:09:01

After switching the frontend build to Gulp, Jquery stopped working?

Good afternoon!

There is a project in which there was no assembly before. Only compiling less to css using Prepros

In the part of the project inherited from the previous developer, some jq scripts were written simply at the bottom of the page in the script tag.
At the moment it was
- the new jq-code was already written in separate connecting files, the old one was also gradually transferred to the file (as the hands reached the pages)
and, in general, everything worked.

Yesterday, the project build was switched to Gulp (first Grunt, but did not take root). Everything works fine - going, compiling, checking and so on.

But JQ stopped working.

What happens:
- gulp pulls out jq libraries from bower_components, collects them into one file and puts them in a directory with self-written files
- merges and minifies

as a result jq on the page does not work, although in the inspector and firebug it can be seen that the

second option is connected
- all libraries from the packages installed by bower are connected in separate files, their code is assembled in one gulp and connected below, the
result is similar

if just write your code in the body of the page - then it starts working

gulpfile.js https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a985dc2ca40ad015147e

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