Konstantin Malyarov2021-04-26 08:16:08
Konstantin Malyarov, 2021-04-26 08:16:08

After some time the command in cmd stops, what's the problem?

There is a command in cmd:
php-cgi.exe - b I

run it, but after some time - a day, an hour, a week. The team stops. What is the correct way to run this command?

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feniksdv, 2021-04-26

And if you use the -t switch?

Alexey Dmitriev, 2021-04-26

The correct approach is to go google for "php-cgi.exe as service" and do as people write to run php-cgi as a windows service.

hint000, 2021-04-26

Quite an old article (translation): https://habr.com/ru/post/179399/

PHP is built to die. This does not mean that a fairly capable (to some extent) programming language will disappear into nowhere; it just means that your PHP code can't run forever.

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