Ban Render2019-03-15 19:17:08
Adobe Illustrator
Ban Render, 2019-03-15 19:17:08

After some time, Illustrator starts to freeze and lag. How to fix?

I have a problem that I don't know what to do anymore. There is simply no solution on the Internet, because everything works fine for everyone. After some time ~ 5 min, the chandelier starts to lag wildly and freeze (along with the entire system, because even if I turn it off and look for something in the browser, it can freeze in a terrible way).
My PC: 16gb RAM, GTX 980, i7 3770. I watched Afterburner, so everything is fine there. Neither the percentage is loaded, nor the vidyaha, the os, so generally 7GB is occupied by just something. . .
Maybe someone came across or just have a guess how to fix it?
PS. I downloaded 3 chandeliers of different versions - the story is the same.
ZYY I can't afford to buy a chandelier.

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Neron, 2019-03-15
Lordov @Nekto_Habr

Of course, the point is not only in the pirated nature of the product, but mainly in it. And if you don't buy a vario - go through the repacks, che, there is no other way out)

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