mrWan2018-01-09 13:24:06
mrWan, 2018-01-09 13:24:06

After sending the number through the form, you need to make an auto-dial. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

We need such a scheme: the user leaves an application on the site, where he indicates his phone number, after that the manager's phone rings, if he picks up the phone, then the number that was received through the application is dialed. People, share your thoughts, I want to first find more information, and then only proceed with this task.

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Maksimkk, 2018-02-06

You can connect two numbers through the initCall function in the API to create a call https://digitoffice.ru/support/instrukcii/api2/

Rsa97, 2018-01-09

Asterisk, Originate command via AMI or call file.

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