zeni1agent2020-10-15 07:37:28
zeni1agent, 2020-10-15 07:37:28

After replacing the thermal paste, the laptop began to zvirinkat. Why?

The past thermal paste dried up so I decided to notice it.
It was applied in a thick layer and flooded the transistors standing next to them.
I carefully cleaned it and applied a layer to the crystal.
After that, I carefully assembled everything
. But after assembly, I began to notice that the laptop began to chirp from time to time.
What could it be? And how to fix it?

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compzar, 2020-10-15

Perhaps the laptop cooler is decentered, or the body of its seat is bent. Test this by unplugging the cooler from the laptop and cranking it up a few times by hand. It is also possible that foreign objects get on the blades (wires, adhesive tape, foam).
In general, the sounds emitted by the cooler can be characterized as follows:
High-frequency rumble - the cooling system can not cope with heat removal, the cooler is operating at full capacity
Rustle - the rolling bearing needs lubrication, or the cooler blades rub against its body
Low-frequency rumble or creaking - lubrication is required the central axis of the cooler, or the blades rub against the case
Clicking - the presence of foreign objects in the body of the cooler, or damage to its blades

Ivan, 2020-10-15

it is necessary to lubricate the cooler with oil, this is his handiwork

vism, 2020-10-16

like this?
sometimes kondei chirp and squeak
sometimes under load it only squeaks, intermittently

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