Yuri Vovk2020-10-05 10:35:20
SIM cards
Yuri Vovk, 2020-10-05 10:35:20

After replacing the SIM cards in another phone, calls are received on the old phone, what should I do, what if they call me on my number, did the new smartphone respond?

After replacing SIM cards from an old smartphone into a new SMS, calls are received on the old phone when there is a completely different SIM card. Smartphones: Xiaomi Redmi 5a and Oppo A91. Previously, Xiaomi had 2 SIM cards that are physically now standing in Oppo. After buying Oppo A91, I put a temporary SIM card into it. Then, after reinstalling the SIM cards in a new smartphone, I turned off the old phone and used the new one. When they called me and the SIM cards at that time were in the new smartphone, the calls came to the old phone with a completely different SIM card. The new smartphone Oppo A91 was silent. When calling from Oppo with the current SIM card, the number that used to be with the SIM card in the new smartphone calls, and from the old smartphone when I call, the number that used to physically stand with the SIM card calls. This is a problem with MTS SIM cards. When calling from the second SIM card on which Kyivstar stands, the number that calls shows correctly. And with SIM card 1, this is MTS on both smartphones, something incomprehensible is going on. How can I make my new smartphone call from my SIM card and it is on this smartphone that calls and SMS come. Both phone numbers are listed in Google.Account. I tried on each smartphone in each account to change the phone numbers for the contact number, then nothing happens. I want to wear one phone and not 2. To everyone who told this problem, everyone is surprised. I don't know if this is the only problem I have or not, but the problem needs to be solved. This is my first time. On Xiaomi Redmi, there used to be a Mi account with a wound up phone. I deleted my account but the problem persists. I tried to reset the new smartphone but it did not solve the problem. I replaced SIM cards using hot swap, that is, I did not turn off the phones. Could this be the reason for the whole problem? How to solve the problem?.

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Drno, 2020-10-05

Check the sims in the new phone, 1 pc. Mark which number is which. Could you mix them up?

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