Eternal_junior2022-04-09 20:55:56
Eternal_junior, 2022-04-09 20:55:56

After repairing a damaged database, a "Stream Format Error" occurs. How to fix the situation?

Version 1C 8.3. I tried all the options found on the Internet ...
There is no way to restore the database from the archive, because. no archive. The database CD file was corrupted after a crash. It was restored using the chdbfl.exe utility. Configurator opens, and when opened in enterprise mode, a stream format error occurs.
CACHE platforms and databases cleaned.
Transferred to the second PC, T&I did.
Tried running on a different version of the platform.
Nothing helps.

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kalapanga, 2022-04-09

Restore an undamaged database from a backup.

Dmitry Kinash, 2022-04-09

So it's time for you to take it to the next level.
Google "Tool 1CD" - this tool for file bases is also able to fix problems with the internal structure more skillfully than T&I. It also allows you to unload data tables in order to load them into a copy database.

LollyFox, 2022-04-10

1. First make a copy of the database by copying the entire folder. In the future, do all the manipulations with the database on its copy, and even better on the copy of the copy, because. any of the recovery methods can harm and make further recovery impossible. When switching to another method, return to the original copy.
2. Delete all folders and files from the database copy directory, leaving only 1Cv8.1CD
3. If the configurator starts, then try to do a regular upload of the infobase to the 1Cv8.dt file and load it from the file into a new clean directory.
4. Use the chdbfl.exe utility, but be careful as it can both help and ruin the base completely. If it does not help, then be sure to roll back to the original copy.
5. If the configuration is typical, then try to load the configuration from the CF file of the full uncorrupted configuration of the same release.
6. In theory, there is a Tool_1CD utility, but for an unprepared user it is practically useless, it is better to contact specialists.

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