Metalhacker972020-05-03 07:09:28
Metalhacker97, 2020-05-03 07:09:28

After reinstalling Windows, CPU usage under the maximum?

About half a year ago, I began to notice that the HP Pavilion G6 laptop began to make a lot of noise, and the noise was accompanied by an increase in processor load. Because The laptop is about 8 years old and it has never been opened or cleaned, I decided that the problem is most likely that it was clogged with dust. I disassembled the laptop, cleaned it, replaced the thermal paste - after these procedures, the noise of the cooler and the processor load did not go away.
Then it was decided to reinstall windows. After the reinstallation, the picture has not changed. I go into the task manager, I observe the CPU usage of 20%, while only the EDGE browser is open, then I open the browser or open some folder, the load immediately jumps almost under the shelf and a strong hum of the cooler begins.
I already thought Windows was eating up resources, turned off all unnecessary services, antivirus, etc. Nothing helps. Moreover, the cooler was not heard at all before.
Tell me where to dig further and what to do ... Windows 10 Pro.

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Dimonchik, 2020-05-03

look for who and what, there is no smoke
like this
or the classic Process Explorer
I once got * from Chrome's SOFTWARE REPORTER TOOL: crooked Indians wrote the code - the computer ran about 20 of them, only had time watch the temperature rise and the computer shut down

sazhyk, 2020-05-03

You should check the memory and ssd for errors. Just test them on another machine. On this error, it may not show, or it may show the wrong ones or not so many. In short, there will be no objective tests. If they are serviceable, then the processor could also become unusable. In general, a comprehensive diagnosis is needed here. Usually, if such problems continue after reinstalling the OS, then these are hardware problems. If you can fix them yourself, then go for it. And so it is better to turn to sensible specialists.

Andrey Ermachenok, 2020-05-03

Faced with the fact that my laptop HP Pavilion 15 after reinstalling Windows (it was native 8, updated to 8.1 and then to 10) stopped turning off, falling asleep, ...
Studying the Internet showed that the problem was in fresh drivers from Intel. Installing older drivers and preventing them from updating solved the problem

ZV4X, 2020-05-11

Damn, why did they put win10 on this junk ... win10 is a completely unstable, unfinished system, win7 will help you ... If downgrading Windows is not an option, go to the store for a new laptop on Win10

Drno, 2020-05-03

You can also disable sysmain, windows search, updates.
And check

prokop_v, 2020-05-03

"before the cooler was not heard at all"
and before what kind of Windows was it?

Alexey, 2020-05-05

Win10 is too complicated a system to explain in simple terms "Why do I have ..." Especially freshly installed win10, depending on the hardware, can still optimize components based on the .net framework platform, install service packs, defragment HDD, from 30 minutes to 3 hours, analyze user actions in the superfetch service (win7) ... and now the same functionality is in sysmain win10, and it will not work to disable it.
In general, an effective way not to mount near the computer, but be patient and install everything that the OS needs in the next 3 hours after a clean installation.

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