Anton2014-11-27 13:25:51
Computer networks
Anton, 2014-11-27 13:25:51

After rebooting the PC, the integrated LAN network adapter does not see the cable, what could be the reason?

After rebooting the PC, the integrated LAN network adapter does not see the cable, and the lights on the network port are on, reconnecting the cable does not help (the cable is intact), if you disconnect the connection

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Anton, 2015-02-28

It’s not clear why, but the network card stopped bugging ... Before that, I tried different drivers, changed the cable. Opened the system unit. In general, I do not know why, but the problem is gone.

Cool Admin, 2014-11-28

If the cause is in the adapter's protection that has worked:
Turn off the computer, turn off the power from it. Wait a minute. Turn on, check.
If the reason is in the active equipment:
We switch the computer to another port on the switch \ check the connection with another device.

Vitaly Pukhov, 2014-11-28

usually in such a situation I try to connect a PCI card and disable the built-in BIOS in the BIOS, if the problem persists with the card, you need to check everything else, router, cables, etc.

Konstantin Muzykantov, 2014-12-04

and after what manipulations the connection appears? and it looks like the adapter is disabled in windows

vreitech, 2014-12-12

what kind of motherboard?
I had this with the Intel 217lm network card integrated into the Intel DQ87PG and the D-Link DGS-1016D switch. It was decided by replacing D-Link with a DGS-3420.

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