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Frizen1, 2021-07-25 23:01:00

After lubrication, the fans stopped spinning, what should I do?

It all started with the fact that 1 of the coolers began to make a very loud unpleasant sound, I decided to lubricate, lubricated both coolers. As a result, 1 cooler failed, climbed to disassemble it, disassembled it, moved the wiring, assembled everything, 2 out of 2 coolers failed. Usually they turned on at a load of more than 60 degrees, and right now, even at 100, they did not turn on, they had already tried everything. The warranty ended a month ago. Video card Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 3GB.

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Viktor, 2021-07-26

what to do?
Well, "what to do, what to do" - do diagnostics first. Check if the impeller is jammed (should turn easily), if there are any transverse and angular backlashes (should not, but along the axis - a small one is allowed), then connect 5 volts from the outside in the correct polarity and observe slow rotation.
If it does not spin, disassemble again and inspect under a magnifying glass if the ends of the windings have broken during previous disassemblies. If there are broken ones, solder them in place. There is no point in repairing more complex defects related to the crash of parts on the board, such a fan is in the trash, and in its place look for a similar one (or at least a similar one that will fit into the radiator). However, it is possible to assemble one serviceable one from two identical defective ones, if they have different defects.

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