Arthur2015-12-03 11:20:22
Arthur, 2015-12-03 11:20:22

After locking the screen in Ubuntu, unity crashes and starts from scratch by closing programs without saving data?

There is a standard Unity on 14.04. If you close the lid of the laptop and open it, after entering the password, the system will continue from where you closed the lid.
If I lock the Win + L screen, then after unlocking the screen, everything starts with Unity starting up, as if I had just turned on the computer. I can not understand where to dig? Any suggestions?
UPD: If you unlock the screen immediately after locking, then everything will be unlocked as it should. If you walk for 5 minutes and try again, then the behavior described above occurs. Sometimes it happens that you enter the password, the screen is unlocked, on the unlocked screen again the offer to enter the password. You enter again and it is not known here whether you will have to enter it again, or it will still be unlocked.

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Antony, 2015-12-03

X's are crashing. (maybe!)
In general, you should start by reading the logs.

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