WebKoala2018-04-07 07:33:03
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WebKoala, 2018-04-07 07:33:03

After layout, give the customer all the folders or only the minimized version?

It's not the first time I've heard "prepare the project for production", but I still don't understand what this preparation implies. Yes, after I did the layout, I have all the Js files in 1 and are minimized, the pictures are compressed, and so on. In general, everything is neat and laid out on the shelves. But I still didn’t understand what to give - all my work (along with trillions of scss files by bam) or just a ready-made folder for hosting?

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Dmitry Entelis, 2018-04-07

Depends on the project.
Give what you agreed with the customer.
I consider it normal to be ready to give 3 versions to choose from
1. as is source files (may not be needed for everyone)
2. compiled css / js without minimization (handy if the customer has his own backend developers, and the project is complex)
3. compiled and minified ( convenient if this is some kind of landing or the customer does not plan to edit anything)

Alex-1917, 2018-04-07

From the experience of a manager of similar typesetters-programmers-etc... no one has the desire to fiddle with billions of side files, trying to find the flight of thought of the previous developer. The project is taken from the hosting and work is underway with it. Why should I pay 1.5-2nd price tag for something that they can do for the 1st price tag??? That's how much programmers ache when you put ANOTHER SOURCES into them... In terms of timing, everything is optimal, the client is satisfied - what else? ..
Summing up - #adored.

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