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Hard disks
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After installing the SSD, you have to boot from the BIOS. What to do?

Acer Aspire Windows 10.
I recently bought a Samsung 850EVO 250Gb SSD, but there are no complaints about it. Installed Data Migration from the manufacturer, cloned everything from hard to SSD via SATA in the drive. I put the SSD in place of the hard one, the hard one in the drive. I turned on the laptop, arranged the boot order, and for the first time everything booted from the SSD, the hard one did not format, Windows hung on it. The second time I turned it on and booted from the hard drive. I decided to repeat the clone operation by formatting the SSD. This time, after starting from it, I hard formatted it, transferred files to it. The next time the laptop turned on with the "Select Action" menu, there is the item "Use device", "Diagnostics" and shutdown. In the first paragraph of devices are EFI USB, EFI CD / ROM, EFI Network. I tried all the options, after selecting each, a message appears about the absence of a device,
Now it turned out that the HDD is not displayed in BIOS, that is, it is in the boot order, but there is no name. In windows, it is serviceable, visible and files are stored on it. Moreover, this HDD is also in Windows Boot Manager, and moreover, it is in the first boot place. I don't have access to change the Boot Manager, the bios is cut.
Tell me where I made a mistake and how to fix the hard one now or how to reinstall everything correctly?
+In some applications, two identical drives D are displayed in the overview: %Name% (D:) and D: / (this is not observed in Explorer)

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Ezhyg, 2018-02-09

When cloning a disk, you also clone its "number" (although programs have the ability to change either separately or right before the process), as well as the "guid" used by the UEFI bootloader. Well done, redo the bootloader

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