halkxxx2018-10-17 18:59:20
halkxxx, 2018-10-17 18:59:20

After installing the SSD, start only through boot options?

I apologize in advance for the length of the post. I will describe everything that I have already done.
I bought a dell 7559 laptop and an SSD drive. After installation, I decided to immediately install the system on it. Due to the crooked image of Windows (10), I formatted the hdd, but I could not install the system.
After that, at startup, the laptop gave out a black screen with the text at the end "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media"
Even the USB flash drive had to be launched through boot options. In the uefi section.
As a result, I installed the system, but the error remained. That is, to start Windows, you had to go to boot options and select windows boot manager there.
Then I looked for a solution to this problem. As I understand it, the problem was with the system startup file. I tried to create it with a command on the command line.
I used easybcd. She generally said that the disk is logical, but should be the main one.
In the end, I reinstalled Windows again without hdd. Problem still exists.
However, I went into the boot mode setting and changed the value of legancy boot mode, secure boot to off.
Outcome. The system began to boot, but in the BIOS, the boot tab is now set to uefi.
The question is what did I do wrong? And will there be any consequences for the SSD. There is still no active item in disk management.
Please don't throw hats too hard.

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Ezhyg, 2018-10-17

You did everything right, already.
It was necessary to delete all partitions and re-format the disk, or use some kind of disk / partition manager, Paragon, MiniTool , Acronis. Or run the command line after running the installer - F10 and clean up through diskpart and either create it in it, or close and create it from the installer.

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