yaroslav19962020-03-04 12:15:47
yaroslav1996, 2020-03-04 12:15:47

After installing the iRedMail assembly, is webmail given to the main domain?

I installed the mail server assembly from iRedMail, the assembly works great, but due to the crookedness of my hands, the mail server is given to mail.example.com.ua and example.com, where I uploaded the index.js test file. There is an nginx config with a reverse proxy for node.js.


Hoster Fornex
Ubuntu 18.04 + nginx;
Node.js 13.9.0 Basic

setup, as iRedMail did out of the box. How can I add the config now or where can I even look for it so that there are mail servers by mail.example.com.ua, the site is displayed by examaple.com.ua?

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Vadim Priluzkiy, 2020-03-04


Alexey S., 2020-03-04

this is configured in the nginx config

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