Alexander Sinitsyn2018-07-31 22:13:54
Alexander Sinitsyn, 2018-07-31 22:13:54

After installing the application, some data is displayed. How to find where they come from?

I put an application on the phone from the market. Instead of an empty list, two entries.
Adding new - works.
I clear the data and cache, the records disappear.
I delete, put the application - again the same two entries.
In the application, when creating the database, nothing is programmatically added.
Tried APK debug and release - there is no such thing.
I put from the market - two records.
I tried it on the emulator - the list is empty both from apk and from the market.
Entries appear only when installing from the market and only on the phone ...
How to find where the glitch is from?

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Denis Zagaevsky, 2018-08-01

There is a possibility that this is a backup. Google or Samsung, for example. If it is allowed in the manifest (allowBackup) and enabled in the settings.

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