Thisisnickname2018-06-28 16:11:02
Digital certificates
Thisisnickname, 2018-06-28 16:11:02

After installing Positive Wildcard SSL Certificates, the main site is displayed at the addresses of subdomains, what should I do?

Hello. What needs to be changed in the server configuration in order for the certificate to work correctly? Now, when you go to the address https://s1.domain.ru , the domain.ru website is displayed in full. The certificate extends to *.domain.ru, what and where should be corrected?
In general, what is the solution in this situation?
The domain and subdomains are located on the same ip, a couple more domains hang there.
I need to translate all this to https: and domains and subdomains of the third and fourth levels, that is, not only https://s1.domain.ru, but also s2.s1.domain.ru.

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Dimonchik, 2018-06-28

certfiikat server
config does not manage DNS i.e. subdomains

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