iam_from_russia2017-01-12 07:48:52
iam_from_russia, 2017-01-12 07:48:52

After installing Node, js from external files does not work?

Ubuntu has lamp server installed. JS worked correctly. I decided to get acquainted with Gulp, but it needs node.js to work. After installing node.js, scripts from external files stopped working.
src checked many times, the path is correct.

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Александр Аксентьев, 2017-01-12
@Sanasol Куратор тега JavaScript

it's unclear.
What does it mean that JS from external files does not work?
How is nodejs and js connected in general, which is executed in the browser.
It is even theoretically impossible for it to influence each other (except that the second is going through the first).
Maybe build crookedly?
Or the question is something else altogether. Write in Russian, with examples.

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